Who Am I?

Ngo Hai Sui ~ Wo Shi Shei


Jackie Chan Who Am I? WP WPMP3

wooden clogs

Famous for the fight scene on the rooftop in Rotterdam.

Errors in geography: Most of the car chase in Africa is very clearly shot in Rotterdam. In one shot the landmark Erasmus bridge (the bridge on which the final scene is shot) is clearly visible. The part where they drive down some stairs is set in the ‘Beurs Traverse’ also know as the ‘Koopgoot’, also a very well-known location in Rotterdam. Many other characteristic bits of (urban) Dutch scenery can also be seen. *

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When ‘Who Am I?’ is chased by Dutch police cars in Rotterdam, the sirens by the police cars don't sound like they actually do in the Netherlands. *

café Arina Nickolson ~ Voorstraat ~ Dordrecht ~ Holland ~ the Netherlands


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