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Carapuchinha aka Spanish Kitten wrote:
This is me… my most sincere words in all these years of being in the public eye — posting my images, shaking my ass, dancing, posing… pimping myself. I made the decision one day to begin in that world, which seems so glamorous and fancy. Every day I see thousands of girls doing the same thing and making the same stupid choice like me… Using everything but their brains. I jumped and I was lucky (or not so lucky) and suddenly I found myself doing videos, meeting people, being in photo shoots, having my own site and running a business where my enterprise was my body. I let people exploit me and I exploited myself. The money looks easy but it's not. You are giving up your right to privacy and your anonymity. People talk to you on the street, film you doing regular ordinary things, and then upload it on the internet. People only come to you to take advantage of you or use you. You lose trust in those around you — friends, family, your partner, everybody. First, you were exploiting your image, now your image is exploiting your soul. You lose your name and you become a beautiful doll with an alias. One morning, you open your eyes in bed and you miss you… simply miss you… where are you? The sadness overcomes you. You all of sudden realize the dirty world that you were living in and the kind of people you have around you. The years you are in that world feels like an eternity, but if you search deep within you will find your self… hidden in your heart. A small part of you continues to want to be better and knows you are better than this. I want a family — a normal one. I want to be a good mom, a good wife, and a better person. I want to have a normal job, start my own business. I want to go to the movies on a Saturday and eat popcorn. I want to walk on the beach, watching the sun rise. I want to argue with my husband and resolve it with a big hug and sweet kisses. I want to walk my dogs. I want to learn. I want to grow. And what I am going to do now is set myself free and become the person I want to be. I don't want to do any more videos. I don't want to exploit myself anymore. I don't want anything more to do with that world. A lot of you have been there from the beginning. A lot of you saw me through my adventure. I am so thankful for all of the support you've given me. Every time I asked you to support me in a new project, support the videos, websites, or to help me win a contest… you were always there to help me. Now, it's time I said, “thank you” and to ask for one last favor. I would like you to help me change my life. I ask for your help in letting me be a better me. If you have any pictures or videos of me in your profile, on youtube, or in a blog please take them down. If you don't have anything but you see a video or pictures somewhere please flag them and make a report or let me know where you find them. I am in the process of making formal complaints to protect my copyrights and rights of privacy to websites that are using my image without my permission. I would be very grateful if you would help me with this. Furthermore, I want to say thank you to all of the individuals I worked with. I ask that they understand these steps I am taking to gain back my freedom. Regardless of those who refuse to respect my rights to privacy and my copyrights, treating me like property, I can still say that human beings are amazing. I hope that everybody finds the light within and the strength to follow it. Take the chance and opportunity to be a better you… You only have one life to live and it's a short one… Just live your life.
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buffalosoldier said...

Hi Rey. I tried to tell you about several sites I see that still has your images up or use your images disrespect. I know of several that I came across and I tried to write you via email, text or social network sites but you shut me out. I still dont know why and cant say that I understand why. I was one of now that I learned one of many that you used or one of many whom u touched. It didnt work but not thru my efforts. I would like to help you though in your efforts to help clean up your past history but for some reason you hate me. You preach about dont hate or hatred of the game and want help but you dont want mind? Remember I was good to you and treated you with respect and tried to show you a different life, home life and how it could be. We talked about a life together and I was more than willing to build a future with you. I really dont even know if that is actually what you want. I tried to offer you what others were not telling you or what u refused to believe. THE TRUTH! That you were more than a piece of meat to exploit. I was shut down ignored lied to and even used by you. Alot of lies and now I come to relize that you did not respect me as a person. Why to this day I still do not know. I would like to tell you about several sites I found still using your image and videos but I have no way to communicate with you. I never wanted anything from you but friendship. Unfortunately you cant offer that. Still friends in my heart even though thats not possible. Maybe time will tell.

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