elDorado Beach Fever

City leaders are up in arms after a series of Internet ads named a remote beach on the American River traditionally used by nudists as a hot spot for illicit sex. The Craigslist ads prompted city officials to approve a resolution last week asking state park rangers to clamp down on the nudity and sexual activity at the river. Auburn officials say the offensive behavior discourages families from using the area, opened last summer to boaters, for recreation. State park officials say there have been no complaints of lewd activity in the last two years, and raised questions about the validity of the ads. Rangers can only cite nude sunbathers if they refuse to clothe themselves after a citizen complaint. Nudist groups who have used the area for decades say they are upset by the Internet ads, and say they do not condone illicit conduct.

San Francisco Chronicle

May 17, 2009   6:15PM
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Helle Michaelsen … virgin beauty
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