Colondra Hamilton

masturbating while driving

masturbating while driving

▫While driving, many people do many things – some weird, some nasty and some dangerous but this woman has crossed all and did what you could not imagine while driving. Well, Colondra Hamilton did masturbating while driving the car. This really shocked many and will do once anyone reads this piece of news.

At Elmwood Place near to Cincinnati in Ohio, police found the 36 years old woman named Colondra Hamilton in her car and found the car with illegal tinted windows. Policemen pulled Colondra Hamilton over. What police saw inside the car was utterly shocking. They spotted Colondra Hamilton with her pants unbuttoned and a vibrator in her lap.

On questioning, Colondra Hamilton admitted that she was masturbating while driving as well as watching the porn movie being played on a laptop of her friend sitting on the passenger’s seat.



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