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redhead MILF Karen Mary Affeldt

I just relax, maintain eye contact and think of the end result (tee hee!) Go slow and sexy while doing the strip tease. Wear some sexy lingerie and stop stripping when your down to that. Leaving it on will add to his excitement. Try to get him to ejaculate without penetration while lap dancing. Have fun! It’s such a turn on to be looking up at a man and seeing him looking back down at me. I love the tortured yet ecstatic look on his face as he pumps every drop into my mouth. One of my favorite things to do is strip down to some sexy lingerie and lap dance him to heaven. Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead. My superpower: ♥ orgasmic satisfactionInterests: I want sex, That is all I’m here for, to flirt with men and have casual sex. My appetite for sex is huge. I absoloutely love sex and can’t get enough of it. Maybe that makes me a nymphomaniac.

I want sex! That is all I’m here for... to flirt with men and have casual sex. My appetite for sex is huge. I absolutely love sex and can’t seem to get enough of it. Maybe that makes me a nymphomaniac or a sex addict but I don’t care. I think I’m a normal horny girl. God, I love sex! I love to masturbate and I love to cum. Being called slut is the least of my worries. I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m an adult, I’m safe and I’m very secure in my sexuality. I just go with my instinct and whatever feels right. Some may say my sex drive is too high. Way too high. It really doesn’t have to do with intercourse, I just like the feeling of orgasms. I love having sex with my men friends and, more often than not, various acquaintances. I enjoy masturbating too but this is usually not enough. I’ll have an orgasm (they are usually very intense) and then later on, I’m horny again. For the last year or so I can’t remember going a day without at least experiencing one orgasm. I could and would love to have sex all day...everyday. Some would say that I’m insatiable, I say there’s nothing wrong with it. I just have a high sex drive. I just have to find men who can keep up with me.

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

HA HA! These questions are so stupid but I couldn’t resist this one! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “There’s nothing better than a sticky cock!”

Karen D. Affeldt I’m a total cock slut and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love big dicks in all my holes but I really love to suck cock. I guess the first reason is because I find it so beautiful and extremely erotic. The smoothness of the skin, it’s reaction to almost every touch or caress, the feel of it’s hardness and the pulsating of it’s entire length. Each man’s cock is different in it’s own way which keeps the thrill of exploration alive within me. Nothing makes me happier than swallowing some guys big juicy hung dick and going to town on it. I totally see how giving a nice sloppy blow job as foreplay for men as well as me, since it gets me so wet. Ever since the very first time I gave a blow job I realized I love giving head. As I got older I began to develop a strong cum fetish too. By my late teens I was eagerly sucking off local boys that I was dating or just hanging out with and I loved the feeling of them cumming in my mouth and to this day, I still do. I love the way their cocks stiffen and their breath becomes suddenly rapid as I drive them wild with just my lips and tongue. I’ll suck them harder and tell them it’s okay to cum in my mouth. I like it even though most other girls don’t. Most of my friends complain about how much they hate giving head and they wonder what kind of girl would actually like it. I just stay silent, never really sharing my secret love of giving head with them. I really get off knowing some guy’s getting off from my hot mouth. I think I am very good at it and want to be the best at it although I have already been told I’m an expert cock sucker. Maybe I should put it on my resume under special skills. I guess I have an oral fixation and I have spent years developing my techniques. Being in between a mans legs, spit drooling out of my mouth as his fuck stick slides in and out of my mouth, making its way down the back of my throat, growing it harder and harder, it’s like a high like no other for me. Giving pleasure gives me pleasure. It makes me feel both submissive and empowered, all at the same time. I love getting on my knees then begin by slowly taking in a man’s penis. I could suck it like that for hours. Eventually I just lose all manner of inhibition and when that happens, they’re in for quite a treat, my whole body starts to feel hot as I come undone and go crazy on his hard dick. When he places his hands on the back of my head and guide himself into my mouth I usually end up with my hands down between my legs and I make myself cum while I’m deep throating his thick knob. He has control leaving my hands free to satisfy myself. I don’t forget to take care of cum bloated balls either. Licking and adoring them is all part of the package. I love licking his balls then teasing him a little before I swallow his cock. And speaking of swallow……well, I love to swallow. That really gets me wet feeling that hot jizz in my mouth. Cum facials are my favorite though because I get to watch his cock up close as he gets closer and closer to the point of no return and then I can watch the cum shooting out at close quarters. I get a nice rush feeling him cum on my face so I can smell and taste his salty spunk. Getting my face covered in cum makes me feel like such a slut and so dirty. I love making a man cum with just my lips. It’s such a turn on to be looking up at a man and seeing him looking back down at me. I love the tortured yet ecstatic look on his face as he pumps every drop of his pent-up cum into my mouth. Karen K. AffeldtKaren M. Affeldt Elizabeth R. Affeldt



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