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Facebook Fascism

▫Like many of you, and people you know, I’ve been shut down by the High Priests of Facebook. As most of you Facebookworms are already aware, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Immorality Police recently deactivated the Official “Dr. Susan Block” Fan Page, with its 8000+ fans (or “likers”), because of “suggestive content”—which apparently can mean anything from a lascivious look to the image of a marijuana leaf (recently banned from Facebook). I’ve still got my personal profile on Facebook, which I update remotely via Ping, but I rarely go there; and if you think I’m going to respond to your posts or messages there, you’ll need to wait patiently until the next Ice Age.

I, like many citizens of cyberspace, am sick and tired of Facebook Fascism masquerading in Gee-Whiz-What-About-The-Kids? clothing. Despite its current omnipotence in the social networking world, I feel in my heart that Facebook will eventually go the way of Myspace and Mastodons.

It might take a few years, but it will happen. Some of you will remember the censorship battles that I initially lost, but wound up winning with John J. Rigas—multi-millionaire media mogul & moralizer turned ruined, humiliated, convicted felon (after I was done with him)—of Adelphia Communications, when he censored my cable TV show and then was found to be cheating his subscribers and swindling millions from his stockholders. I started telling everyone to dump Adelphia stock about 18 months before the company went belly up with Rigas and sons dragged off in handcuffs, at which point I became the darling of the Wall Street Journal for about 10 minutes. Facebook is a much fatter fish than Adelphia and its fascism is more subtle—at least so far. But it is starting to choke on that pipe of power from which its been smoking. Zuckerberg is already following in Rigas’ footsteps, developing a reputation for thievery and sanctimony. I will go into more detail about this at a later bloggamy. But for now, just a word to the wise: If you were lucky enough to have held a piece of Facebook during its rise, it’s time to cash in your chips. Dump Facebook now!

And stop looking for me on the Facebook Farm. Follow me on Twitter, as I swing through the cyber-tweets, or BonoboWay or LinkedIn or on the Bloggamy. You can also meet me at the Speakeasy, for an orgy or a chat or an mind-blowing show, up here in our penthouse play center overlooking the City of Angels, in the midst of these extraordinary times.

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