Susan Abeda

Susan Abeda

Advance Fee Fraud

Dearest One,
How are you doing today?
Susan AbedaThanks for your mailing, I will like to inform you that my real name is . Susan Abeda. 24 yrs old. i am from Liberia by origin but i am presently leaving in Senegal as a Refugee because of the incident that occurred in my family. I know this email will find you in good emotional condition. Knowing fully well that race, age, religion, ethnics and nationality can give no hindrance to our relationship wish we are building as it the best to the way i am seeing it.

Dear, I have no experience of white but i believe with you i am covered,we black are good and respectful to our beloved one, I believe your present is making a great difference in me, It is bring joy to my life again, Dear your little ward has brought great joy to me, My tears has been wipe up, I really cannot express my feeling about you today but i am happy,

My dear i am confident and believe with your sincerity we will have a better understanding and everlasting relationship, I feel something strange in me that has made me decided to extend relationship into a deep and everlasting relationship although it depends on your considerations, to me i need a man who i will settle and help me out with what is left behind for me.

l am a lady who lost his parent's in a civil war, this has brought great pains into my life that i find myself struggling to stand again, You know already, I am not working at the moment due to my present Refugee status here in Senegal West African, I really consider relationship as serious thing, open in everything, be honest, and above all faithfulness to each other.

I also wish let you know that things has never been the same ever since our arrive and the of my parent's, This has made my situation change and continuous think of my situation as a refugee, For this few days i have know you, I feel i am regaining my happiness a bit. I know how difficult it takes the heart of love of an individual to do such kind of help to person so easily like that but my believe is that God will use you to help me realise my dream again.

I often read: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, magazines. For now i will have to leave, I will try to go and wait for you mail Hope to hear back from you.
Your Lovely, Susan Abeda.

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