sexy secretary ~ MILF from Infla FL (Miami)


Karen Affeldt

Age: over

▫Photo taken years ago

I want sex, That is all I'm here for, to flirt with men and have casual sex. My appetite for sex is huge. I absolutely love sex and can't get enough of it. Maybe that makes me a nymphomaniac or a sex addict, but I don't care. I think I'm a normal horny girl - I love sex, I love to masturbate and I love to come. Being called slut is the least of my worries. I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm an adult, I'm safe and I'm very secure in my sexuality. I just go with my instinct and whatever feels right.

What can I say...... 5'5" currently 135 lbs, curly redhead. Lets just say I'm over 40 years old and employed as a secretary for a small office in Tampa. I drink and smoke sociably and possess a good sense of humor. I'm very flexible and I like it rough, hard and dirty. I have many sexual talents and, as I have been told, I can be a little too aggressive. For me, it's the nastier, the better. I just can't seem to get enough of a good thing! I'm very obedient, so feel free to treat me like the little slut that I truly am but don't fool yourself into thinking that I have a suitcase packed and ready to run away and spend the weekend with just anybody and I don't have a revolving front door. One can't be to careful with who they meet on the internet nowadays, but if you see me on the streets don't be afraid to slap my ass and say hi. Until then, slow down, get to know me with a little naughty conversation and we'll see what happens.

Karen Affeldt


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