Barbizon Modeling Schools

the Barbizon School of Modeling

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“Do most models that come out of the school get work?”
“No. Save your money. Make an appointment with a reputable agency and go for an interview. You should never pay an agency a fee, or pay for pictures. If they ask you to do this, it's a scam.”


3 years ago
“I went to Barbizon. Basically, they accept ANYONE who auditions. Well, anyone who can pay the nearly $2000 fee. I guess I got caught up into it & felt like I was special because they accepted so I did it. It was a fun experience..kind of. Nothing really came out it though. At the end we ended up paying another $300 for a photo shoot... and then, that was it. They promised me a list of agencies or whatever? But i never got it.”


January 13, 2006   01:38AM
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